Daniel y Juanita

End of week one of Spanish lessons, and I had the assignment of reading a translation of A Hive of Busy Bees. It was slow going. There’s something quite humbling about struggling to pronounce “pig.”

I have a suspicion there will be many opportunities to learn humility through this process.

I only made it a couple of pages into the first chapter with all the stops for corrections for pronunciation. We’re not focusing on vocabulary, per se, in these readings, only speed and pronunciation.

I’m thoroughly enjoying the Spanish practice, but it definitely is work. I hadn’t remembered what it’s like for a children’s book to be hard to read. I’ll be learning patience and endurance in a new way.

Perhaps I can learn to better empathize with my current students’ ignorance now that I’m swimming in my own.

Learn, learn, learn… I thought I was just learning Spanish, but it looks like my Teacher has other plans.