Notice: Teacher Wanted

We had our regularly scheduled monthly school board meeting last night. Having a school board that isn’t really involved, doesn’t seem to care, rarely checks in, and offers no support other than to arrogantly give advice from a clueless perspective would make moving to Peru much easier.

As it is, I have a wonderful school board that takes great care of me. They check in on me and my co-teachers regularly, always following through on their commitments, laboring long hours for little thanks. They are the backbone of the school, and a strong one.

It is hard to leave the comfort and stability of this school. I have felt loved and cared for and protected, even. I wish every teacher could have the support I’ve had.

The vision for Christian education is strong with these brothers. This school may not show up in the history books (and I hope we don’t), but I expect the students coming through this school are developing a foundation they can build their faith on.

And I feel bad I can’t give them another year of teaching. They have done so well; it would be easy to say yes to another term. But I can’t be two places at once, so I’m told.

If you’re a Mennonite man who thinks he could teach well enough to deserve this school board, let me know you’re interested, and I’ll pass your contact info along.

They even pay you here.