Naturally Sick

Do you enjoy going to the doctor? Or perhaps the question is do you mind paying to go to the doctor?

Well, I tend to avoid going, and I have occasionally regretted not going sooner when I was forced to go eventually. But sometimes I regret not going after trying to doctor myself at home.

The internet has done much to further the ease of sharing knowledge, and in many fields that collaboration has accelerated the advancement of research and development.

But the internet has not made home remedies taste any better than they ever did. I drank the above concoction, substituting water for wine (enjoy the irony).

If you want to know how sick I was, mix some up and try it–you will taste the desperation.

But it seems to have helped. At least I was much better the next morning. And according to science that means the concoction was definitely the cure. I think.

And then there are the support pills I’m taking to boost my immune system. I still have a bit of a cough, maybe a touch of laryngitis, but just imagine how sick I’d be without these! I’d probably have whooping malaria or something!

Get well soon, everyone.


P.S. I also added honey to the brew at the beginning. Honey has antibiotic properties, so hey!