Mr. Grumpy Gills

Some Saturdays start early, some start late, and some never really seem to get started at all.

This is just one of those Saturdays.

Everyone in our family is struggling to get over one ailment or another. We are keeping Halls cough drops in business. How do you get over chest colds quickly?

My job this morning (self-appointed) was to help my wife by taking any crying child and cuddling with it under the blankets on the couch. While that may sound lovely to you, it did involve a fair amount of resistance on the part of the Mr. Grumpy Gills being cuddled.

No means no. And no, you are not free to whine all morning just because you can’t breathe between coughing attacks. We have our values, after all. (And whining gives me a headache unless I’m the one doing it.)

Now that the children are happy and my wife is contented, I should go work at school. I will. In a minute. But first I think I’ll keep a lookout a little longer for Mr. Grumpy Gills.