Guinea Pigs: Pets or Pork?

Our family has raised guinea pigs for the past couple of years. We all loved them. Well, Steph kinda detested them, and I was significantly allergic to either them or their food. But other than that we loved them.

Except the children didn’t like how they scratched when their nails were long, and Anne didn’t particularly enjoy cleaning their pen out every Saturday. But other than that, we loved them.

We especially enjoyed when the babies came–which happened frequently if you didn’t take drastic measures!

Guinea piglets are born fully furred and ready to rumble. Usually there are four to six piglets in a litter; they may nurse for a short while, but eat dry food from day one. The guinea pig’s diet is over 80% hay.

You can imagine our children’s excitement when they discovered that guinea pigs are common in Peru, and are even found in the wild. What they were less excited to discover was that they can also be found in the market. In the meat section.

Guinea pig is becoming a rising interest as a food product in the States, as well. Read a link for an article from NPR on the subject here.

*not actual guinea pig meat

Recently we sold the last of our guinea pigs because my allergies could not get along with them, or possibly with the Timothy hay. But it’s exciting to think that we may get to raise guinea pigs in a whole new way in Peru.

Stop by for supper sometime. And feel free to send us your family’s favorite guinea pig recipes.

¡Buen provecho!