Spanish: _b_ and _p_

The Spanish and English alphabets are pretty similar with Spanish having a couple letters more than English. Also, many of the sounds of letters are similar in Spanish to English.

Similar. Not the same.

An example of how the sounds are similar but yet so different is in the sounds the b and p make. In English these sounds are delivered with firmly closed lips followed by puff of air.

I had never realized that before taking Spanish classes. You can test it by holding the back of your hand up in front of your mouth and saying puff. Feel the puff of air from puff? The same is true of saying a b word, like ball.

In Spanish the b and p are said with the lips lightly touching or slightly parted, yet with no puff of air.

If you can say “Bobby bounces ball with his playful puppy” [not actual Spanish words] without feeling a puff of air on the back of your hand, you have already mastered a level of Spanish pronunciation!

¬°Muy bien!