Peru Weather in January

Inquilpata, Peru has two basic seasons: rainy season (November to April) and dry season (May to October). The rainy season would be equivalent to early summer in Virginia, while the dry season would be similar to early winter, but they pretty much never get snow—remember, it’s the dry season.

If you are one to enjoy all four seasons, you could still enjoy the highlands of Peru because I’m told that you can experience all four seasons every day!

The nights can fall to wintery temps, even during the warm part of the year. But with the sun comes a new day’s spring. By noon you can enjoy a mild summertime, and with the dong of the dinner bell, you’ll settle in for fall, minus the colorful leaves.

This past week had a high near 70° (21° C) and a low near 50° (10° C) with a little rain most days.

That’s pretty similar to the same week last year, but it looks like they received a bit more rain last year at this time.

January is the muddiest month of the year, being the middle of the rainy season. I have not had to work with mud much in my life (#cityboy), so I’m not sure what to think of the mud stories I hear. I did enjoy making mud pies and playing in the rain as a child, but I think this will be somewhat different.

In 2018 the high was 72 (22° C) and the low 43 (6° C) for the month of January, the humidity high was 93% (Wow.) and the low was 20%. That gives us the average of 56 (13° C) and 62%. That sounds like a recipe for a mild and muddy experience, for sure.

As an aside, doesn’t 6° sound terribly cold? Even if you know it’s Celsius? Shiver!

If you’d like to check historical weather for the Cuzco, Peru area, click here. This is the website, which gives historical weather info for many places around the world. It’s quite well done.