How do you say _honey_ in Spanish?

We are working on memorizing the conjugations for the present tenses of five verbs this week. Five verbs. In one tense.

Estar, Ser, Ir, Querer, Tener

We practically have the language learned! Heh, heh.

It is surprisingly difficult to remember how to conjugate the verb. My brain is rebelling against the idea of multiple verb forms for the same tense.

Steph and I tried making short sentences by combining the verbs with some nouns we’ve learned. Rather than simply saying “I want” and “They want,” we might say “They want food.”

But it was hard, and it was making me feel a bit like my toddlers do when they’re asked to pick up ALL the blocks in the living room and put them in the box.

So I began to amuse myself.

-¡Yo necesito unos hipopótamos!- I pled with my wife.

Her turn: -Necesito dormir.-

I tried again: -¿Quieres mi amor?-

Hers: -Quiero comida.-

I can’t remember what I said next, but I remember she said, “Honey!” somewhat indignantly.

Which meant I won because honey is not a Spanish word.

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