Spanish: Report on “The Experiment,” in which we kinda survive

We covered a few week’s worth of material in the book this week, and it seems like it’s sticking, so I’m going to count that as a successful first week.

It was about the worst week we could have tried the more intense Spanish learning in because we ended up having something going every evening.

Monday I had piles and piles of checking to do because some of my students had been sick the week prior, but had returned with their homework. Steph graciously stayed at school and helped me get everything knocked out. It is wonderful having a former teacher as a wife! We got to bed at least an hour late.

Tuesday we had a book and Bible study with another couple at our place. That was quite enjoyable, and I’m looking forward to next Tuesday. But we got to bed an hour late that night, too.

Wednesday evening was a church cleaning, but Seth and Steph were feeling ill. I stayed home with them until everyone was getting into pjs at 7:30, then went and helped at church while Steph put the littles to bed. I didn’t get any Spanish work done until I got home, so it was after 11:00 till I was in bed.

Thursday evening was the Children’s Bible Club. I’m superintendent and Steph helps teach, so we tackled that. We had thirty students come, which made my heart glad. Got home after 8:30 after making sure the building was back in order (thanks mostly to the work of others). It was after midnight until my Spanish stuff was done.

Friday evening Anne and I were feeling more worser, so I took her into Urgent Care. She is now on antibiotics for a double ear infection again; she had the same three weeks ago. And I’m now on antibiotics for sinus infection and a touch of pneumonia. We had a shortened Spanish evening last night, and got home before 8:30.

Now it’s Saturday, and I think I’ll spend the first half of the day under blankets, trying to see how long I can go without coughing. Then I need to collect some firewood in the afternoon before Spanish class this evening.

And I had challenged myself not to miss my Bible reading any this week because I knew it was going to be busy. But I waited to read my Bible until late last night because of several mini-crises in the morning. (It involved no fire, a fire, too much fire, not enough time, and a heroic wife.) I did meet my goal, but I kept falling asleep while reading last night–another good reason to start the day with Bible reading like usual!

If we can make it work in such a week, I think we’ll be able to keep this accelerated Spanish class zipping along. But for now, I need to go back to bed.

¡Hasta luego!