Headed to Guatemala

In focus this week is buying tickets for flying to Guatemala for the Latin American Pastors’ Meetings.

The meetings are designed for pastors and missionaries serving in Latin America to come together for instruction and encouragement. Several different Central American countries take turns hosting the event.

This year they are hosted in Guatemala, which is where the other family who plans to move to Peru is currently serving. It was through Lamar that I received the invitation.

I’m looking forward to going, Lord willing, for the last week of this month. It will be a great opportunity to meet our new friends and to meet other contacts within the Latin American missionary community (for lack of a better term).

I’ll also have a chance to use my newly acquired Spanish there. Although I’m not sure how useful sentences such as -¿Dónde están los hipopótamos?- will be.

This will be my second time in Central America; the last time was ten years ago for a friend’s wedding in Nicaragua. It’s exciting and frightening. I’m sure it will be good for me.

Sadly, I’ll be traveling alone this time. To those of you who know my history with traveling alone, you will not be surprised if I actually do end up seeing hippos on my trip.

Please pray for me as I go. If you want to see the program, you can view it below.