Visit to Peru, Scheduled

The tickets are purchased.

Lord willing, we are planning to visit Peru in May, flying out from here on the 16th and returning on the 23rd. By that time Lamar and company should already have been there about two weeks.

Steph and I are not planning to take our children along this time, but there will be a couple going along who are the junior members of the mission board.

It will be nice to fly with them and spend a week getting to know them a bit better; they are close to our age, I hear. I’m hoping we get along okay and don’t do anything that will have them recommending to the board that we might not be a good fit after all.

Unless of course we aren’t a good fit; then I hope they tell us quick!

We don’t know what all we’ll be doing in the week we’re down–looking and listening, I figure. We want to see the place where we’ll be staying initially, and my wife will want to clean it (even if it’s clean already). If there’s painting or repair work that should be done, we might do some of it that week.

Lamar’s already having been there a couple of weeks will know what their needs are, and I hope they let us help them meet some of them while they have extra hands. And I hope they remember I’m as green as green can be. (Did you know Steph’s favorite color is green?)

I’m thrilled to go down and absolutely terrified. I have this feeling that I’m going to meet my new best friends (which is thrilling) and a dread that they won’t like me (that’s the not thrilling part). But then I piously remember it’s not about me, and all feelings from this mortal frame melt away! [ahem!]

One thing I am afraid of is that I’ll be forced to speak Spanish. As you know, I have been laboring, lo these many months, to learn Spanish. I think I know that you say “Hola!” to the ladies and “Holo!” to the fellows–something like that. Steph knows.

I informed her that if I’m called upon to speak at church during our first year there, she can just translate or preach for me until I’ve got it down pat. She smiled at me. Which was a let down.