Countdown: T-100 — The Beginning of the End

Lord willing, we’ll be moving to Peru in 100 days.

This evening we had a lovely supper with the other family headed to Peru at a board member’s house. It was the first Steph and the children had met them.

We listened to both families’ stories of their years in Guatemala and Peru and laughed till we cried. Hopefully we’ll be able to laugh about our experiences someday, too.

The children thought Lamar’s were fantastic. “Daddy, señora Beulah is so smart! We lost Shawn’s shoe, but she walked over to the couch and reached under it–without even looking!–and pulled the shoe out. Isn’t that pretty smart!”

On the way home they were reciting who all they had seen. “Señor Lamar and señora Beulah and señor Joel and señora Juanita.”

“No, you can’t say señora Juanita. You say señorita Juanita because she’s not married.”

“Well, Joel isn’t married either. Is he señorita Joel?”

I sent an email to a local realtor to set up an appointment for a market value check on our house.

Things are moving forward.