Countdown: T-99 — A Moving Slideshow of Peru

We had supper with Lamar’s family again and two board members, as well as a few close friends and few new friends. Supper was good, but the fellowship was better. It is such a beautiful feeling to be surrounded by God’s family.

After supper there was a presentation at church, given by Levi Martin. He showed pictures from their time in Peru and talked about the vision of Great Commission Ministries.

I was moved to tears at times, but I’m not sure why all. Partly, my heart hurts to think of all those in the world without Jesus. How sad and lonely and hard their lives are! If only they would come home to God. As the one song recording by Miller Four said, “Love them home to me!”

I was also moved to think about leaving all the precious people in the room with me. Some of the dearest on earth to me… And I’m about to be a bazillion miles away from them, a stranger in a strange land with an unknown tongue.

I was also moved to consider how insufficient and small I felt in light of this great work. How can God use me? I’m so earthy and human! But I do love Him, and I love people. I want to be useful.

I was also moved in fear of the physical hardships that may come. I’m so soft and comfortable. Can I do this?

I was also moved to worry about my wife and children. Can they handle it? Is it safe? Should I lead them there? Yet where else can we go but where the Lord leads?

When I’m moved, where should I go? Oh, where should I go? Needing a refuge for my soul?

I go to the Rock of my Salvation. I go to the Stone that builders rejected. I go to the Mountain, and the Mountain stands by me. When all around is sinking sand, on Christ the Solid Rock I stand. When I need a Shelter–when I need I a Friend–I go to the Rock.

Afterward, we had a lovely time of fellowship with those who had come to the meeting. Many people pledged to pray for us.

Don’t forget! We need those prayers.

Our children had a blast hanging out with Joel and Juanita and Grandma Beulah and Grandpa Lamar. Children have such an incredible capacity for loving others. We should learn from them.