Countdown: T-96 — Market Valuation for Our House

We met with a realtor today for a market valuation of our house. She was the same realtor we had used to purchase the house.

She was impressed with the improvement we’ve made to the place and is confident it will sell for higher than we bought it. It’ll be interesting to view the numbers from her.

There is one local fellow who has expressed interest in buying the place, and we have one potential option for renting it.

Another decision to make!

It’d be lovely to sell the property for a profit and have some capital to help start off in Peru. But maybe that wouldn’t let us exercise our faith and trust muscles as much.

I like the idea of renting, but I will be a poor landlord from thousands of miles away. Maybe I could pay someone to do landlordly things.

But that raises the question of what the rent should be. Is there a formula to use?

Mortgage x Rate = Rent?

Have you had any experience with renting? What did you do?