Countdown: T-94 — Growing Grass

Thanks to everyone who gave advice on the question of whether to rent or to sell. I heard strong arguments for both options. I found your experience helpful.

I’m trying to get grass to grow in a heavily shaded yard. Is that possible?

The yard had been half-covered with English ivy and spotted with small bush and tree saplings when we moved in. With a friend’s help last year, we got the yard leveled and sowed with grass.

There was a nice crop, but we turned our calves out on the pasture–I mean, we let the children play in the yard, and much of the grass went the way of all the world.

I’ve sown it again this year, and I’m watering it every other day, except on the days God waters it for me. I’m thankful for rain!

We’ve had some heavy winds due to the swinging temperatures of a Virginia spring, which means much of the straw and grass seed has been moved to the four corners. Well, mostly to the back two corners, but you get the picture. I’m hoping to re-sow it today before the thunderstorm arrives.

Thunderstorms! I love thunderstorms.

Anne asked if we could watch the storm from the windows or from the front porch and pretend that we are out on the sea with Jesus sleeping in the bottom of the boat. She plans to bring her stuffed animals out to make up the count of the other disciples, and we will howl and scream (quietly, of course) in terror as the boat nearly capsizes.

My dad and I used to sit out in the back yard and watch thunderstorms when I was a boy. He loved to sit in the middle of the storm and pray. He felt a special connection to God during thunderstorms.

Hmm… Is that a metaphor for life? Maybe sometimes it seems that way. But remember when God came to Elisha, He was not in the earthquake or the storm, He was in the still, small voice.

The children’s song says, “God is everywhere!”

And I think my rambling is done. I need to get to work.