Countdown: T-91 — So much to do, so little getting done.

I am having a terrible time getting anything done.

I’ve been splintering my days into these little segments of family time, an hour at school, Spanish study, freelance writing, back to school for a little, trying to do a project at the house, doing some odd jobs for hire—I’m no good at switch-tasking.

In many ways, I have no boss right now, except myself. I do not make a good boss for me. I have no one to lead and no one to follow—the worst possible work scenario for me.

My schedule is a mess. My wake/sleep schedule is fine, but the waking hours are all topsy-turvy.

And I’m thinking and talking in negative absolutes: I have gotten nothing done today. I’ll never be able to get ahead.

I know this is part of change, but it’s frustrating and feels overwhelming. And when I feel overwhelmed, then I get even less done!

What do you do when you feel overwhelmed? How do you deal with change? And please don’t tell me that you just get up and do what needs done. That is unhelpful with the additional danger of being discouraging to non-amazing persons like me.

Give me a silver bullet!