Countdown: T-87 — A good Good Friday

We got home late from visiting Steph’s family. We were really glad to snag a little time with her sister and brother-in-law from Georgia who were passing through.

I remember seeing 12:20 a.m. before I fell asleep, so I set my alarm for 7:30, but my body decided to get up at 5:30. Yay.

That was okay, I guess. I was planning to meet a buddy after breakfast for a chat, so I got up and made coffee, read my Bible, threw a load of wash in (because I wanted to wash a pair of shoes), then headed out.

We ended up sitting out by the river rather than going to a coffee shop because the river was free, and the morning was beautiful and quiet. But I made the mistake of leaving my jacket and coffee behind when I left the house! We managed to have a good time anyway.

I spent the rest of the morning to early afternoon on a writing/editing project. Generally speaking, editing is quite enjoyable to me. The project I’m working on now has a fair bit of Bible involved, so I get to be in the Word while I’m working, which is something I especially enjoy. I think I made good progress.

Steph was feeling really yucky today with allergies (or Whooping Malaria), poor thing. And Seth was feeling just as bad, I think. They were both coughing and sneezing around the place. Seth was wailing a fair bit of the day when he wasn’t coughing; Steph refrained from wailing, which is a sign of her maturity, not of her wellbeing.

I stayed around the house to write, occasionally playing referee and coach and medic so she could have some rest. She was looking much better this evening. Hopefully some rest will go a long way.

We had Spanish class, but Steph voted to stay mute, sipping mint tea with honey. I did not feel like I did very well in class today, but that was because we had a visitor who kept rattling off the answers before I could think, or else translating to English for me so I didn’t have to think. The teacher kept growling at him, to no avail.

After Spanish class (which is down to only three days a week now), we came home and worked in the front yard. Steph felt well enough to dig up wild garlic while I dug up a huge clump of Hostas and separated them to plant along our front fence.

It started raining as I was setting the plants, but the children and I stayed out until we were properly wet. I got most of the fence row planted. The rest can wait for tomorrow.

I’m sure most of you thought about the meaning of Good Friday today. It was with me all day, the thought of Jesus’ suffering and death. He went through all that for you. And for me. It is astounding every time I consider it.

Shari Zook had a thoughtful post (click here) on Good Friday that made me consider even more deeply not only what Jesus’ suffering meant for Him then or for me now, but also what He suffers even today by watching His creation groan in agony under sin and death.

As Shari said, “O God, give me grace to follow in His steps.”