Countdown: T-85 — What does Easter mean to you?

Regardless of one’s religious belief, regardless how tightly one shuts his eyes against Christianity, regardless how antagonistic or ignorant one is of Jesus, the fact is that this one man changed the world. So much so that we still date the most widely-used calendar of history by using His life as the reference point.

What was it about Jesus that makes Him such a central historical figure? What is it about Him that causes much of the world to celebrate, or at least acknowledge, His birth, His life, His death, and His resurrection? (Albeit, many celebrate in great ignorance; some even in perversion.)

Was it His birth? Christmas is the most powerful holiday in the world. Is the Nativity the event that caught and held the world’s attention? No, not really. There have been many noble births and many incredible birthings, but they have all melted into the shadows of history.

Was it His life? He had great teachings. He was incredibly kind and good. He healed people and helped people. He did many mighty acts. But there have been countless philosophers with wonderful teachings. There have been many good, kind, loving people. Some have even healed others and performed many great acts. But none of them have moved the whole world–past, present, and future–by their lives.

Was it His death? Was it special that He was arrested under false pretenses and with false witnesses used against Him? Hardly. Was it incredible that He was beaten and disfigured nearly to the point of death? That has happened to more men than I care to consider. Was it that He was forced to carry a cross to which He was nailed and upon which He died? That was a common death for criminals; nothing remarkable about it.

What sets Jesus apart is His Resurrection. No one else in all of history was raised from the dead from only the power of God within him. And no one else in history has been raised from the dead never to die again.

It is because of His Resurrection that we have any hope at all. Without the Resurrection, Jesus may have amounted to a great historical figure, but soon forgotten by most. Really, nothing that Jesus did would have amounted to anything had He not risen from the dead to live forever.

That same power that raised Jesus from the dead is what He made available to us. It is that power that enables us to live free from sin and free from death. It is that power that opens the door into God’s kingdom and offers us a place at His table as one of His children.

It’s a spiritual miracle, but it is not mystical mumbo-jumbo. That power makes a very real difference in the lives of those who believe and are filled with His Spirit. It’s a practical, everyday, meaningful change–nothing is more real.

What all does it change? Well, what doesn’t it change!

Do you want peace that passes understanding, joy that knows no end, and love that casts out all fear? Would you like to be good, really good, inside and out? Would you like to be free from death? Would you like purpose in your life?

That’s what the power of Jesus’ Resurrection can do for you. That and so much more! (Read the Bible to get the details.)

The Lord is risen! The Lord is risen, indeed!