Countdown: T-83 — Setting Up a POA and Updating My Will

The past two days our children have been afflicted with some sort of bug that causes raging fevers (we’ve seen >105°), coughing fits, restricted breathing, vomiting, diarrhea, and other unpleasantness.

Yesterday I didn’t get much done other than helping my wife–who is feeling miserable herself–to clean up the bodily fluids of the other five members of the house.

I have not gotten sick because I feel it’s a waste of time. Instead, I have been sacrificially helping keep everyone else alive.

Ha! The reality is that I’m surprised I’ve been spared so far. My stomach has felt perilous at times, but I blame that on all the odors I have been encountering.

Mid-morning I started the girls on their schoolwork. They could cough and sneeze between writing answers. We all sat at the table together. I wrote/edited on my iPad while they studied. They worked steadily up till naptime. Anne actually got her work finished. Abbey was still pretty miserable, so she only made it about halfway.

After naps, Abbey started on her work again. I sat alongside her and researched how to set up a Power of Attorney.

After about an hour, I had the necessary documents ready to print. We need to sign and notarize them yet.

I then updated our will; I hadn’t yet added Seth to it. Now those documents are ready to sign and notarize, too.

So if I survive this stomach bug, I will have an up-to-date will and an agent with POA to carry it out. I find that juxtaposition humorous.