Countdown: T-81 — Más Aflicciones

Isn’t it incredible how a stomach bug can completely change your life?

We thought that we might be nearing the end of this bout of sickness because everyone was cheerful by bedtime–but it was not to be!

Steph and Shawn II were both up ill through the night.

Seth joined them at Dawn.

Dane followed shortly before breakfast.

Anne followed by 10:30.

Abbey seems to be on the mend, but…

And I alone have remained to tell you.

I have lost track of how many messes I have cleaned up, but I am doing each one more cheerfully than the last because it means I have been granted the health and strength to avoid the sickness.

There are few things I despise more than vomiting. I’m sure that opinion is not unique to me, but there it is.

Querido Padre, por favor ayúdame a no enfermarme. Dame fuerza suficiente para ayudar a los demás en su enfermedad. Y por favor cúralos a todos pronto. Gracias, Señor. Amén.