Countdown: T-76 — A Difficult First Day for the Hursh’s

Lamar’s family made it safely to their destination, but they are facing a number of setbacks and disappointments–not a great way to start out the first day.

The house they are hoping to stay in eventually, currently has no water and needs some TLC before they move in.

The house they were planning to stay in for now while they worked on the other place still had people living in it when they arrived. So Lamar’s plan to camp out at a hotel in a nearby town until they can get some things figured out.

Sounds like flights went well; although, they did have a bit of a run-around in order to collect all their luggage in Lima so they could catch their flight to Cusco.

They are very tired after more than twenty-four hours having passed since they left the States on their flight and still having no place to lay their heads (or to place all their many suitcases!).

Please pray for them.

Being tired makes life difficult. Being tired and disappointed makes it even harder. Being tired and disappointed and lonely… Well, you understand.

Pray that God gives them wisdom, patience, endurance, and a song to sing.