Countdown: T-70 — Pregnancy Update

We could not meet with the midwife yesterday after all because another lady went into labor. She ended up having a lovely little girl; they named her Juanita. Fancy that!

We did have the appointment today. Everything looks fine. In fact, everything looks great. Steph measures ahead of schedule for baby size, which is not surprising, given we always have big babies.

The danger of a miscarriage is not completely ruled out, however. The midwife feels pretty sure it was simply Steph’s dehydration that caused the problems, so she recommends taking it easy for awhile and being faithful to drink lots of water.

Steph confessed she has not been drinking the recommended amount of water, even since her sickness. I can sympathize. Drinking over half a gallon of water a day would make me feel like a fish. But she is going to do it!

We also bought her Gatorade mix so she can have a glass per day with her lunch. That will help make her water intake actually equal hydration, not merely consumption.

If nothing acts up during the trip next week, we can assume we are in the safe zone again. If things do act up, we’ll need to consider other measures.

Thanks for your prayer support. We appreciated many of you checking up on her, and we’re especially grateful to the home folks who are helping out with meals and other things.

May the Lord reward you!