Countdown: T-67 — School Surprise

Yesterday my co-teacher asked if I could stop by her classroom after 2:00. That’s not an unusual request; often it ends up that I help explain some mathematical concept or grammatical glory.

But I walked in to see a table full of bees!

It was a surprise party my co-teachers pulled together to say thank-you for my work as principal. The party was bee-themed, which was my classroom theme for the year, too.

I received gifts from the students, cards and bookmarks and letters and poems. They listed things they appreciated about me. It was very special.

My co-teacher had gotten coffee for us from Dunkin Donuts, and she gave us a gift card that Steph can benefit from. That was kind.

Everything was lovely, but I think I like the bookmarks the most.

It is nice to feel special and loved.