Countdown: T-62 — Tomorrow We Fly to Peru

Stephanie and I fly to Peru tomorrow, Lord willing. We hope to be able to get into the house where we’ll be living to do some repair work and/or planning.

However, there is still a family living in the house. We had asked them to be out, but they are having a difficult time finding another place, apparently.

Please pray about the situation that they could find a place and that we could get in if it’s the Lord’s timing.

Lamar plans to talk with them again in the morning, bless his heart. Pray wisdom for him.

Andrew and Lauretta Crider and two of their littles are going along with us. We’ll be glad for their company in our travels, as they speak Spanish fluently.

As you know, Steph wasn’t feeling well. Please pray strength and safety for her.

We’re all looking forward to seeing what 11,000 feet of altitude does to our bodies.

Hasta luego!

P.S. One detail slipped through the cracks today. We had hoped to take dollars down with us to purchase necessary things for the house, but it was forgotten until after the banks closed. We’re not sure what we should do. Another prayer request!