Countdown: T-61 — Today We Fly to Peru

We left at 7:30… and 7:35… and 7:40… and 7:45.

Yes, we have everything. Unless we forgot it.

There were accidents along the interstate, so our faithful van driver and his Google assistant took us an alternate route with rates ranging somewhere between the Autobahn and a stroll in the park.

We made one more stop along the way to pull out our daily max from the ATM. We’re thankful for the friends (Thanks, B! Thanks, W! Thanks, A!) who came galloping to our rescue last night with most of what we wanted. We should have all the dollars we need now.

We had one extra suitcase because none of the adults in this trip can count all the way to ten. Goodbye, dollars!

We were able to check-in our carry-on luggage if we wanted, so we pared that down by five bags.

Steph got to take a wheelchair because of her condition.

That was special, but we ran into some adventures because of it. Por ejemplo, we tried to take an elevator, but it wouldn’t open, and they’re were people inside shouting, “We’re stuck! Help!”

So we took the elevator right beside it–after calling for help, of course–and were rather worried when the door closed, and we noticed a very hot, electrical smell.

It was nice to have the gentleman (his name was Derebe) pushing Steph’s wheelchair. He knew the quickest way to get there. We arrived at the gate when they were about halfway through loading.

Our flights are not terribly long (unless you are an expectant woman), but we have two layovers. The layover in Lima will be nearly ten hours. Ten hours of sitting or lying on the floor, I’m told.

I’m not sure how we are to wrangle twenty pieces of luggage in Lima efficiently, but at least we do not have our five children along to maintain, as well. This should be a good test run.

The flight notification says our trip will be 31 hours long. But I have done some studying and counting and have not figured out how. We’ll see.

P.S. Today is our 129th Mensiversary.