Countdown: T-57 — Peru Visit: Day 3

We had a bright and beautiful Sunday morning. Services were planned to start at 10:00. Lamar had asked me to have a devotional, so I wrote out what I wanted to say in English and ran it through a translator. Andrew checked the translation and corrected a few places that were stilted. I look forward to when I can speak confidently without help.

I spent some time practicing my talk and practicing reading the scripture passage I’d chosen: Psalm 51. I read it off to Andrew, and he gave a helpful critique.

Breakfast was light and informal. I ate a PopTart we had brought with us for times such as these. We drank the very last of the instant coffee then had a discussion on what constitutes an ox in a ditch.

Andrew had suffered a rough night with his stomach, not uncommon when becoming accustomed to new water. We were grateful he was well enough to still give the sermon.

After a time of prayer, we walked down to the big house where we planned to have the service.

No one was there at 10:00, so we walked down to look at the shallow well to consider if we could use it in our water ventures. There was a unanimous vote of no.

We gathered for the service at 10:30. The family staying in the house were the only ones who joined us, Cilia and three of her children.

Joel led us as we sang a few songs before I spoke. I had a moment or two of fright when my notes disappeared from my digital tablet. I was glad I had practiced and knew what I wanted to say. I was able to keep talking from memory until the notes resurrected.

Lamar had prayer, then Andrew gave the message on “¿Quien es Dios?” He told us his Spanish wasn’t very good; we were glad he told us; otherwise, we wouldn’t have known. The service was over by 11:30.

After lunch we went into Izcuchaca and passed out Antorchas. Lamar and Beulah were one group; Andrew and Lauretta another; Joel, Juanita, and I were the third group. Steph stayed home with the littles.

We went into Izcuchaca and walked through part of town and into the Sunday market. We gave out ~800 Antorchas in about twenty minutes. The market is huge and packed with people. This is the largest market day of the week.

After leaving the market, we walked through Izcuchaca looking for potential places to have church services in the future.

Then it was nap time. Everyone slept or rested. After lying on the couch for half an hour, I went on a walk over the property. It is hard to remember the morning’s frost when soaking up the afternoon sun.

We had spaghetti and soft pretzels (not garlic bread) for supper. The evening was spent in chatter and planning and wishing for coffee.

Monday’s plan is for the men to go to Cusco to shop for stuff for our house and for the women to go to Izcuchaca to shop for things for Lamar’s.

P.S. This blog is brought to you courtesy of three different people sharing their hotspots with me over the course of five hours.