Countdown: T-53 — Peru Visit: Complete

We flew, and we flew, and we flew.

We had tight layovers that made us rush. We were glad Steph was able to have wheelchair rides again (except in San Salvador when she decided she would rather walk than ask the man if she could have the wheelchair he was holding ready).

Charis lost her meal just as we’re landing in San Salvador. I was thankful no one was sitting near us, and no chain-reaction was started.

The flight from Lima to San Salvador had a toddler that screamed most of the flight. What a joy to discover he also came on our flight from San Salvador to Dulles. He only managed to scream most of the time on that flight. I felt sympathy for the young mother traveling alone with him.

Josiah picked us up at the airport, bless his heart. We arrived home shortly before midnight.

I have mixed feelings about being back. I’m very happy and very sad and about various things. But I’m grateful to God for a great trip; it was a success on many levels for us. We feel better prepared for preparing to move.

We left some dear people behind, we traveled back with some dear people, and we’ll see more dear ones at the church cleaning tomorrow. We are rich!

And we get our babies back today!