Countdown: T-40 — Forty Days and Forty Nights

If you ever want to do an interesting study of the Bible, research the number forty. It was forty days and nights it rained during the Flood, forty days and nights Nineveh had in which to repent, forty days and nights Goliath taunted Israel, forty days and nights Jesus was in the desert during His temptation–and many, many more examples.

A common theme in these stories is if you endured the forty days and forty nights, deliverance would come. That’s a comforting thought.

As someone mentioned in prayer meeting last evening, the number of days is decreasing, but the list of things to do seems to increase. It can certainly feel that way, but we have made good progress. God and our church family have been helping us.

Probably the three biggest things on our minds right now are 1.) Installing the HVAC 2.) Selling/renting the house 3.) Getting rid of our remaining stuff. How those things will get done before we leave feels pretty impossible right now.

But we’ve got forty days and forty nights yet. Well, kinda….

Please pray for us.

P.S. The family picture was taken at my brother’s wedding last Saturday.