Countdown: T-20 — Visiting a Board Member

Today we are taking a day to visit one of the GCM board members, Daniel, and his wife in Pennsylvania. We don’t know them, really; we know the others on the board much better. They had the idea that we spend a day together to learn to know each other a bit and to talk about Peru stuff.

We’re running out of days, but it seems important to get to know our “bosses” before jumping into the work three thousand miles away. We’re all looking forward to the day.

I plan to help Daniel on a remodeling project today; working together is a great way to learn to know someone. Steph will spend the day hanging out at their place with Daniel’s wife.

If you need anything picked up in Lancaster, let us know. We plan to be home by supper, Lord willing.

    Have Spanish class with Steph at breakfast and at supper
    Leave for Daniel’s at 7:00
    Arrive at Daniel’s at 10:00
    Leave Daniel’s at 2:00
    Farewell supper with A.
    Sing at nursing home
    Give boys haircuts?
    Get haircut?