Countdown: T-19 — Of To-dos and Good News

The to-do list helps, but not always do things go according to plan. Some things get dropped; others get added–not always by choice.

Did we plan to have to deal with a child-sized puddle in the van? Twice? Not exactly. Did we plan to get caught in several traffic jams? Or to miss our exit and lose nearly twenty minutes? Pues….

We did not get to have supper with A, but we were able to meet at an exit to say goodbye, and she scuttled away without missing the flight. We did not get to sing at the nursing home, which was sad because it was our last chance.

But we did have a good visit with Daniel’s. We had a tour of their farm, his apartment project, and their church. The church building was given to their congregation by the former St. John’s Reformed Church. It’s a lovely, old building in downtown Reading, a community that needs a lot of light.

Lamar sent a message with good news. José came by, and the two of them had a good talk. José took his animals off the farm and made plans to take the rest of his things off this week. That is a relief to us.

José is happy that we families are planning to stay long-term and to have animals on the farm. He does not want to see all his work go to waste. He says he knows we won’t fight for rights to the farm, and he’s afraid we’ll let others take it. But I think he’ll be pleased with our plans. I look forward to meeting José soon.

God still answers prayers. He’ll take care of us and the farm.

1. Have Spanish class at breakfast and supper

2. Go to Harrisonburg to test Peru well water (At last!)

3. Take van to body shop to fix door hinge

4. Go to Conference

5. Visit CL

6. Pick up glasses at vision center

7. Call Lamar