Countdown: T-18 — Friday Frenzy

Yesterday was a full and busy day. I was able to get the water tested for mineral content, but they said to test for bacteria, the sample must be less than six hours old. We’ll have to test that locally. Oh, well. #pun

The van hinge will cost a mere $800 to repair. But what’s a few dollars between friends? Labor is only $100; the rest is parts. Sigh…

We had a good call with Lamar and Beulah after having friends for supper (they were delicious). Lamar reported his sorrow of the day: A stray screw ending up in a water line that was in a poured concrete wall. Poor man had to tear out two feet of concrete wall! Poor women had to clean up all the dust. I didn’t hear what Joel did other than have a birthday….

Part of our discussion centered around furniture and appliances that Lamar has been gracious enough to offer picking up ahead of time for us. It will be Christmas in July when we get there!

Another part of the discussion was about jobs. Lamar is doing remote work for a company in the States. He suggests I look for a part-time job doing remote work, too. Does anyone have any remotes I can work on for you in Peru?

Lamar is trying a sort of sealant that is like cement… sort of? It gets rolled on similarly to paint. He’s experimenting to see if it will cover up the water stains on the ceiling. Trouble is that it’s quite dark, so painting it will be difficult to get ample coverage. There is not Kilz paint, unfortunately. Perhaps we’ll simply have to paint the ceilings the same brown as the water damage.

1. Have Spanish class at breakfast and lunch

2. Pick up glasses at vision center (I forgot.)

3. Call M. about van schedule

4. Work on trim

5. Babysitting the twins / sitting the baby twins / the sitting, baby twins / twins, the baby sitting! / sitting the twins, baby! / baby the sitting twins — I need coffee.

6. Help with month end at CL