Countdown: T-16 — God Rested for You

Last night for family devotions we talked about the seventh day of Creation on which God rested. Why did God rest? He certainly wasn’t tired or out of ideas or had nothing to do. God rested because He loves us; He rested because we are always on His mind.

That is such an awesome thought to realize we are cared about so deeply that the omnipotent God of the universe would stop everything to give us an example about how to take care of our frail bodies and fretful minds.

He deserves a day set aside for Him in honor of His love for us. I hope you enjoy your day of rest and that God is honored by your activities today.

Lamar is preaching today–again. You can pray for him that he wouldn’t grow weary in well-doing. When we talked on Thursday he still had a bit of a scratchy throat from his cold, so he could use prayer for his physical needs, too.

Joel likely has a devotional this morning. As I type that, the song “Young Workers Now Are Needed” starts up in my head. I’m sure he’d be glad for prayers.

Beulah and Juanita will be building on the relationships they’ve been enjoying this week and lending their voices to help in worship through singing. There’s something for all to do!

Pray that people would come to the service! There are many dear friends in the neighborhood who are aware of the service, but there are so many excuses to get in the way of their coming. We know how that is for ourselves and our neighbors.

Photos courtesy of Beulah who gets up each morning to coax the sun out of bed. Notice the frost on the ground and spider web.

1. Study for teaching Sunday school

2. Enjoy church

3. Have lunch with Levi’s, Andrew’s, and Gordon Wenger’s

4. Listen to Gordon’s stories of their years in Peru

5. Rest

P.S. “Study Spanish” did not make it onto yesterday’s to-do list and was forgotten until the children were in bed. But we did do a lesson! Fue una revisión de los pronombres indefinidos.