Countdown: T-15 — God Sees the Little Sparrow

You know the scriptures about God seeing the sparrows that fall and caring for the lilies of the field? You remember how it says that if He cares so much for the birds and the flowers how much more must He care for us? I was reminded of that yesterday.

Picture courtesy of Juanita

We had a surprise at church when we arrived. A dear friend of mine who is a retired Methodist preacher and his wife showed up to visit. He handed me an envelope with “a little something” in it for us. Turns out the “little something” was a considerable gift of money! This dear man and his wife pledged to be prayer warriors for us and to occasionally send us “enough money to buy ice cream and reading material” in Peru. So sweet.

In our mailbox after the service we found another envelope with more dollars in it. A gift from Anonymous. (I don’t think it’s the same famous Anonymous who wrote all those poems and songs.) This is not the first time they’ve shared with us. God bless you richly, Anonymous!

During lunch conversation with Gordon and Betsy, they shared with us a list of things they had left behind in Peru when they had to leave a few years back. They wanted to give us those things as a gift! They are arranging for someone to bring the stuff up from Puno to our place near Izcuchaca. What a blessing! Thanks, brother.

Lamar was talking with me yesterday about a neighbor, Oscar, who wants to help get the water situation moving. It looks hopeful that we will be able to see pipe being laid soon with the help of several neighbor men. God is so good.

Can I trust Him for today?

1. Spanish class at breakfast and supper

2. Locate second Spanish Bible to have bound

3. Schedule notary for POA and will

4. Work for N.

5. Get ready for brother’s family coming tonight

6. Schedule call with J.