Countdown: T-12 — Moving Day-ish

Well, my sister showed up an hour early at 7:00… P.M. Yet another reason everyone should use the twenty-four hour clock.

Steph had three ladies and several girls helping her set up the sale in the gym. I began work on the kitchen again.

In the afternoon Bradley came and worked with Anson and Ivan to haul several loads of furniture over. I helped some between painting.

Shana made supper for us. Wonderful!

Everyone had a long day and was pretty exhausted, but with the help that came, we made good progress. We could never have done it without our church family. I have no pictures of stuff getting moved because we were all busy.

The first shopper showed up this morning around 7:30. Thankfully, Steph had a dear friend over there already, sitting with the stuff. It’d be nice if everything disappeared.

Someone is coming to view the house at 10:00. Pray they buy it!

My parents and newlywed brother arrived at sunrise.

1. Get children out the door for the babysitter

2. Work more on kitchen

3. Haul rest of furniture over

4. Show house

5. Start brother on painting the roof

6. Sell all the things