Countdown: T-11 — Our Full Empty House

Yesterday was slow in getting started, but once it got going, we were busy. It’s hard to keep track of what all got done, but simply put, our house is essentially empty of furniture and other stuff. We took seats out of the van so we could haul stuff. In turn, those seats became our living room furniture.

The people who said they’d view the house did not show up. I checked with them, and they said they’d signed papers on another place. We’re still waiting on God to send someone.

Dad fixed the ice maker on the fridge and replaced a pile of receptacles and switches to make everything up-to-date. That’s pretty slick. Mom and Mommy cleaned up after the movers and helped with meals.

The guys hauled load after load to the gym. The favorite one worked doggedly all day, even when he was mocked about being scrawny and threatened with attack by jealous rivals. #hero

The girls boxed stuff up, hauled stuff out, cleaned stuff, painted stuff, and even bought some stuff. They were all a big help, but one of them deserves a sticker, maybe one with glitter!

Byron changed out a broken window and promised to send me a bill. He’s such a devoted friend, I know he’ll keep his word about that!

Lauretta kept the children all day. That was a great relief not to have gremlins getting into wet paint all day.

I cut Caleb’s hair because his wife wouldn’t. Lois faithfully womanned the sale stand and brought in more dollars than I had dreamed possible for a Thursday. Some of the customers asked where we’re moving; upon hearing it was to Peru on a mission, several gave donations beyond their purchases.

One dear lady offered $40 for five books and some Legos. I declared that wasn’t right! “Ah, it should have been $60,” she said. “God told me you’d need it.” She was an ASL interpreter who had attended EMU “but I turned out Baptist. But I still support missions.” She made me laugh.

All in all it was a successful day.

We celebrated Dane’s fifth birthday. I think we managed to make him feel as special as he is, despite the Toronto going on around here.

This evening is our commissioning service. Maybe I will see some of you there.

The water project is moving ahead! Lamar shared some exciting news about the pipe beginning to be laid yesterday. The first hundred feet is finished.

Pray for Lamar as he works with men who don’t know God and show it by their lifestyles. He needs wisdom and courage.

Praise God for this development! There is a good chance we’ll have water at the farm by the time our family arrives. May the Lord bless Lamar’s family for their sacrifices on our behalf!

1. Wake up

2. Drink coffee

3. Get roof painted

4. Finish painting projects inside

5. Clean up

6. Go to commissioning service