Countdown: T-10 — Lots of Work Done

The yard sale is done. It was very successful. Someone is coming the first of the week to haul the detritus away. Thank you, Lois, for all your work!

Steph made great progress with packing up suitcases. We’re nearly ready to board our flight.

The roof is painted! We worked around rain a little, but got it done. I never stepped foot on the roof so as to preserve my life. Thanks a million to Cable, Derwick, and Brian! You are my heroes.

Anson finished painting the fence, painted the concrete stoop, and began painting the boards for the new front porch. That boy just doesn’t stop!

The kitchen and dining room walls are finished, the kitchen ceiling painted, and the dining room ceiling ready to paint. Thanks to all the ladies for helping! (And to B.D. for keeping us company….)

Everywhere you look there are new receptacles or new switches or new lights. I was shocked at how much electrical stuff Dad got finished today. Well, actually he was shocked. Twice.

Thanks to you all for your help. I couldn’t have done it without you. We made it. Goodnight.