Countdown: T-6 — Waning Wednesday

It’s after 6:00, and the sun is up, shining through windows without curtains into rooms without furniture. The children lie scattered about the living room floor. I’ll wake them up soon so they can move to the kitchen floor to eat their breakfast; we’re doing Asian style seating, but with poor form.

Steph has been cleaning the kitchen this morning because we got back late from her folks’ place last night. Mommy Dolly made our wedding meal for our farewell supper. We said goodbye to them. I can hear water boiling for coffee; my sister took our coffee pot.

We need to leave here before 7:00 because we’re headed a few hours away to visit Steph’s brother. We haven’t seen him in a long time. We’re glad we can squeeze it in.

Summer Bible school starts this evening. The children are super excited about going. They will miss the final evening, the party, because they will be flying into Cuzco then. That makes the girls sad enough to cry when they remember. “Just don’t think about it, Anne!” Abbey says, practically. Abbey is always so pragmatic, you know.

A couple options presented themselves yesterday with regard to the HVAC. I don’t know what to do. Still praying.

A fellow comes this morning at 9:00 to haul away the final boxes of our stuff from the sale. We won’t be there to see it; a dear sister is meeting him for us. She will have to give our farewells to the miscellany.

If I’m enthusiastic, I may paint the dining room ceiling tonight. But I feel tired just now.

Lamar’s put our stuff down at the big house. They’re ready for us. At least, they think they are.


  • Make photocopies of important documents
  • Take paperwork to bank
  • Give pictures to neighbors
  • Place CLE order
  • Rip some more music cds into mp3s
  • Order more stuff from Amazon
  • Check on baby supplies
  • Set up new phone
  • Lose WhatsApp history
  • Visit Steph’s folks


  • Visit Steph’s brother
  • Go to Bible school
  • Maybe paint ceiling
  • Maybe rip more cds
  • Maybe sleep