Countdown: T-5 — Yesterday’s Surprise

We did get down to see Steph’s brother, arriving around 10:00 in Charlottesville. We had a good visit with him; he took us on a walk around the place and shared stories. Our family sang a number of songs for him, I read some from the Bible, and we prayed together.

While we were there, I received a text from my next older brother, asking if I’d like to have coffee with him. That made me smile. We don’t get to see each other often anymore, so we’ll occasionally “share a cup of coffee” by sitting down to coffee at the same time: he in Tennessee, I in Virginia.

He was sad that he couldn’t make it to see us off because he’s in nursing school and holding down a home health job. I told him sure, we could have coffee, but I was visiting someone in Charlottesville. “Well, I’ll just let myself into your house,” he said. Surprise!

We finished out our visit with Steph’s brother and headed home to see mine! What a special day. We were sorry their surprise didn’t work out perfectly because we were away, but we still enjoyed our short time together. They left this morning so he could be home in time for work. Wow.

A fellow from last week had offered to haul away anything that was left from the sale and to give a donation. We got to the gym to sweep it out mid-afternoon and discovered quite a lot of stuff still there.

So we started loading it all up in the van to take to the landfill. From dust to dust….

We were very thankful for my brother’s family to help us load everything up, as it turned out to be quite a bit more than we were expecting. We got to the landfill at 4:03 to discover it closes at 4:00. Oh, well.

  • Haul trash to the landfill
  • Pack up more suitcases (6 of 16 so far)
  • Empty office
  • Go to Bible school