Countdown: T-4 — Open House Today

Anson and I hauled away loads of stuff from the gym and from the house. The front porch had become our personal dumpster as we’ve been emptying and remodeling rooms. We hauled away close to a ton and a half of rubbish.

Anson found a hidden treasure.

I did some paperwork in the afternoon and placed one more Amazon order. The rate of Amazon orders has dramatically increased this month for us.

My oldest brother’s family got here at midnight. I did not want to fall asleep only to have to wake up shortly afterward, so I worked pretty well up till they arrived, shampooing the living room carpet. Then I took them over and tucked them in at church.

Seth woke up at 2:00. I wrestled with him from 2:30 on. I settled on clamping him to my chest so he couldn’t move, then he fell asleep–not sure what time that was. I woke a couple of times later with him sitting on my head, obstructing my breathing. We were sleeping on a dry spot on the living room floor.

At 5:30 my alarm went off, and we both woke up. I tried snoozing it until I got a phone call at 6:00 and had to get up. Seth has been sleeping solidly since…. Little urchin!

We are headed to Christian Light this morning to pick up our Peru school order and to wave at people. My brother’s family will work on painting the bathroom doors till we get back at lunchtime.

At 1:00 we have an open house starting and going until 7:00. Pray we meet the new owners.

At 5:00 I sign papers with our realtor who will be taking over the selling responsibility.

It’s another busy day, children.