Countdown: T-3 — Simply Saturday

I feel like I can barely recall what happened yesterday. I know it seemed busy all day, but what did I do? I think stuff got done….

Lamar and Beulah bought a milk cow! Her name is Estrella. She will be much loved. I can already imagine the clamoring that will ensue over who gets to milk her. I will try not to make anyone jealous by taking that privilege too many times. Poor Joel and Juanita haven’t learned the joy of hand milking like the rest of us, so they will likely get first preference. I am nothing if not generous.

We went to Christian Light to say hello to some friends and to pick up our school books. It was fun to connect again before we had to run. The children and I walked around the campus. Dane would say, “Would you like a picture of us so you can remember us in Peru?” Then Shawn and Seth would repeat it with incomprehensible lisps.

Anne would hand out the picture, and Abbey would handle PR: “No, we’re not really excited to go to Peru because we’ll have to speak Spanish, and we don’t know Spanish, so that’s kinda, yeah, you know… But we get to fly in an airplane, and it’s our first time. That’s, like, pretty exciting, because we’ve never flown on a plane, except for Shawn and Seth when they were babies, and maybe for some of us when we were in Mama’s belly, but we can’t remember because… um… we were still in Mama’s belly. You know? Like Walter? And there are six puppies there that Juanita has, and she will share them with us. They’re at Grandma Hershey Kiss’s house. Did you know Anne is the one who called them Hershey Kiss? Their name is not Hershey Kiss; it’s… um… something else. Like, I can’t remember. But it’s Beulah and Señor Lamar. See? I do know a little Spanish. The last person we gave a picture to gave us candy, but you don’t have to.”

And so on and so forth. My children ingested more sugar in one morning that they had in the month prior, no doubt. It was a good thing Mama was not walking the halls with us.

Some thoughtful friends gave us a gift of money and told us to get lunch, so we stopped and picked up pizza for us and my brother’s family. Toby’s were back at the house, started on the final painting projects. When the day ended, the painting was over at last!

They had been disappointed to have missed being here for the commissioning service, but God used the timing of their trip to exactly meet our needs yesterday. (Steph says I can’t tell that story until we leave for Perú.)

I met with our realtor at 5:00 and put the house on the market under them. She says she will have it sold in less than a month. I smiled at her.

It is a tremendous relief to have that responsibility off my mind! She said she is confident she can sell it without the HVAC installed, which would be a delight.

We did have a couple people interested through the open house. We shall see.

This morning I met for prayer with some brothers from church. I was hit with nostalgia driving over because I took the same roads and went to the same house as the very first visit to this town somewhere close to six years ago.

A rush of memories came over me. I’m thankful God knows the end from the beginning, and that I don’t have to. I’m tremendously thankful for His gifts to me. We have had a beautiful home here, through the good and the difficult times. Precious memories, precious friends.

Some friends offered to babysit so Steph and I could have a free evening with another couple–another farewell supper. Once we have all the farewells behind us, maybe we can actually leave.

The last room for me to tackle remains to be the office. I’ve been working on it throughout the week, but it’s been daunting. All the things that had no home ended up there. Now they must find a new home. I could use a professional organizer at this point.

Don’t cry over spilled milk. Just use two of the largest towels you can find to clean up the drops.

  • Prayer meeting
  • Haul off trash
  • Deal with money for trip
  • Lunch with Toby’s
  • Slay the office
  • Supper at the park
  • Swimming?