Countdown: T-2 — Sunday: A Calm in the Storm

Today has been a peaceful day. No work needs done. No worries need addressed. We are given a necessary reprieve.

The sermon by our senior pastor was a study of being “Called” and what that means for the believer. It was both challenging and comforting to hear again what God has called us to: Called out of darkness, into Light. Called to be separated from the world and sanctified to Christ. Called not to even touch the things of the world’s system but to lay hold on the righteousness Jesus exemplified. A perfect message to take with us to Peru.

After lunch, a buddy and I are going swimming. Swimming has been something of a passion of mine, but I haven’t had time to get into the water yet this year. I wanted to have a good swim yet before I head to winter in the Andes.

For supper, we’ll be with friends in the Harrisonburg. The plan is to get back home around bedtime so we are not exhausted for tomorrow, our last chance to empty the house.

Today the water committee in Peru is meeting with the president of the community to consider Lamar’s request to hook up to public water. If they approve, we may have water at the farm when we arrive. If not, we will be without water at the farm and will need to haul it in from somewhere.

Please pray that we get water!