Countdown: T-0 — We Have Go for Takeoff

Disclaimer: To you silent ones: Bless your hearts! So many of you came climbing out of the woodwork to assure me you weren’t creepy!

It was nice to hear from all of you, but I apologize for the way my slant of humor may have freaked you out. I am pleased with each of you reading the blog if you find enrichment in some way. I’m glad you’re here! I hope you stay, and it’s okay for you to stay silent.

Today is the day. Yesterday we weren’t sure we’d make it. It was the hardest day we’ve had this whole process.

But I sent out an SOS, and our house was inundated with loving helpers. There were so many of you, I didn’t even get to say thank you to everyone. We are ever so thankful.

Saying goodbye how many times yesterday was extremely hard to do. Each goodbye became harder and harder. The tears stayed mostly away for me (we will not comment on Steph’s tears), but by 11:00 and the last goodbye, I was done.

I am such an ugly crier.

But it is such a joy to be sad about parting!

Soon we head off to that great blue yonder. Three thousand miles away is plenty far.

We have gotten rid of basically everything we’re not taking with us. We certainly feel like strangers and pilgrims. Thanks to the ones who will do the final clean-up of the house.

We have twenty-seven pieces of luggage and five and a half children we are taking. That’s a lot of stuff. Jolynn, Daniel, and Alicia will be along, so that will give us one adult per child, which is a mercy. Levi’s are taking us to the airport.

Pray especially for Steph. This trip is going to be taxing for her in her condition. She is beyond thirty weeks.