Water — at Last!

After nearly three months of trying, Lamar finally received permission to get water from the community.

I was not there to help him connect the pipes because just as he went to head up the field to make the connection shortly before sunset, our truckload of furniture arrived. Joel went with Steph and me to pick out furniture in Izcuchaca. Jolynn came along also and did some shopping for the ladies.

Joel helped me unload the stuff into the front room. I arranged the sofas, but then I ran up to help Lamar, only to find he’d already finished.

It was such a joy to see clean, mountain water coming out of the spigot at Lamar’s. We had supper, then celebrated with cake Juanita had made and ice cream Jolynn had bought, both in faith that we’d have water tonight. Praise the Lord!

After ice cream, everyone trooped down to our place and helped organize the furniture and get ready for the masons who arrive tomorrow to tile the bathrooms. (The fellow we bought the cow from, Jubinal, is the mason.) (Technically, I haven’t paid anything for the cow yet, but I’m claiming her as part mine anyway.)

Lamar worked with the plumbing at our place some this evening. We now have clean, mountain water, and we now have hot water! I’m not sure I can impress on you how hard Lamar and his family have worked to make this happen. We are so grateful.

Our house looks like a home now. We’re looking forward to having meals here very soon.

Once setting up the house is done, we hope to be able to catch our breath while learning to know our neighbors better.

Thanks for your prayers and encouragement.

This morning we ground coffee beans given us as a gift. Behold! Two notes were hidden in the beans. So thoughtful.