A Rainy Tuesday

Today I changed a receptacle. It feels like that’s all I got done. I did putter around the house, moving furniture, unpacking suitcases, organizing my office area.

The mason did not show up today because it was raining. He didn’t want to ride his motorcycle over during the rain. He hopes to come tomorrow.

After lunch Lamar, Beulah, Anne, and I ran into Izcuchaca to collect some more essentials. It takes a lot to set up house, turns out. One thing I’m learning is that it just takes a long time to do anything in town.

We men went one way, and the ladies another–Divide and conquer! Four hours later we were headed home with a taxi-load of goods. We were all pretty exhausted. Shopping here involves loads of walking while carrying all your loads of stuff. I get plain tuckered out.

Lamar and I wanted to do a little work down at our place to get the kitchen functioning (he wanted to more than I did), but we decided just to let stuff wait until tomorrow.

The children were all acting a bit wild before and during supper, so I decided to sit with them and keep them quiet and still until Steph was done showering. Then they would go down and prepare for bed while I showered. Ha.

After they all headed down, I went in for my shower, but the water was cold! Lamar didn’t believe me. It’s always hot for him! Well, it wasn’t for me. Come to find out, the propane tank had run out. I came shivering out to the couch to wait while Lamar and Joel changed propane tanks. Bless their hearts.

But the heater wouldn’t ignite. Grr… Brr… They fiddled with it a good while and finally had hot water again. Yay! So I went in and stuck my hand under the water and–the tank ran dry.

You should have heard the laughter at my calamity.

What caused the situation was that Lamar had opened the tank valve that stores water to come into the house (to increase pressure and to have a reserve) so that we could wash the tank. But then we decided we were tired, so we opted to wait until tomorrow. But the valve wasn’t shut, so our precious water went out onto the grass.

Thankfully, we do have community water now, so the tank will be able to fill up overnight. I had to wait twenty minutes for water to build up before I took my shower. Beulah said she was so thankful I worked out all the problems before she had to shower. Heh, heh.

(I have no photographic evidence of this experience. You’ll just have to imagine it.)