A Week In

A week later found us spending our first full day (outside of meals) at our own house. That was fun to feel more like a family again instead of a group on a tour of a foreign country.

Tomorrow we plan to try having our meals at home now that the kitchen is mostly working.

Things that did not get done:

  • The mason didn’t show up and didn’t answer his phone.
  • The kitchen sink didn’t get hooked up because the drain is still blocked.
  • I didn’t make plans for a clothes rod for Steph’s dresses.

Things that did get done:

  • I hooked up the kitchen stove.
  • I somewhat unpacked and organized my tools. Dane helped.
  • I spent some time planning big events for the next year or two, as well as listing our immediate needs.
  • We found the buried kitchen drain. We hope to unplug it tomorrow, Lord willing.
  • We hooked up the pressure tank. Thanks, Lamar.

I’m tired….