Thursday Staff Meeting and Plumbing

This morning we had breakfast in our own kitchen. I had planned to help milk the cow, but Juanita is so speedy, I missed it.

After breakfast I started the girls on their school work. Beings we are in Latin America, the school year is March through December. We won’t be doing a full schedule, but we’re going to do a little along the way until the next school year here starts.

Dane started his phonics course today. He should be reading confidently by the time we’re ready to dive in more fully.

Lamar came down this morning to tackle the drain problems. I wasn’t expecting him before lunch, so I kept running between him and the school children.

After excavating awhile, we decided to try running water down the drain. Hallelujah! It is clear! Lamar ran to a hardware store for a few missing pieces (I realize now I didn’t pay him yet.), and we were in business.

I worked on the inside plumbing. I dry-fitted everything first. Once it all fit, I glued it. Somehow, on the one fitting during gluing, I completely goofed up.

I walked up to Lamar’s. He helped me by making a custom connector. Yay!

After supper we had a staff meeting to discuss details related to the work here. It was a very profitable two and a half hours, in my estimation.

No, the mason did not show up yet, so we still have no functioning shower at our place.