Day 14: God Gives Us Good Gifts

Last night I was stumped. Why did God allow the plumbing to continue leaking? Why did He not bring us the mason? Why did the washer store not offer an immediate solution to the ultra-wobbly washer?

I wasn’t angry, but I did wonder why. Did God have some greater purpose He would later reveal? Was this just a stepping stone along that path? Or are these just some of the bad things that are part and parcel with a fallen world?

Today two rays of sunshine burst through the clouds of my troubles with the arrival of Titus and Sarah Peachey from Puno, PerĂº. They have served there for years, but will be ending this season of service in September and plan to move back to the States.

Before going, they wanted to visit our group here. And what a tremendous joy that they did! Various times today I thanked God the tile wasn’t already done, and the leaks weren’t all taken care of. I actually thanked Him for problems.

Had those issues already been resolved, perhaps we would still have had an enjoyable visit, but I would have been robbed of the blessing of working alongside these veteran servants.

I felt like I had been without a drink until I was quite parched; then Titus’s family came like a cool cup of water followed by a gentle, refreshing rain. Maybe that sounds a bit dramatic, but they truly were genuine blessings and tremendous encouragements.

I did not see much of their three children, ages 9 to 17, but I heard the joy they were spreading, too. Abigail, the oldest, was an especial hit with the girls. Abbey was thrilled to meet another girl with her name! Juanita and Jolynn seemed to enjoy having another lady to talk with, too.

I learned an awful lot today. I learned the value of Teflon tape in sealing low-quality threaded plumbing–fifteen to twenty wraps before the leaks stop. I learned that if you just try, and you try with friends, any job can be done, even with joy.

I learned that our teeny, tiny bathroom can hold about as many people as our living room. I learned or relearned practical tips for laying tile. I learned to praise God and others for all the little gifts throughout the day.

I heard testimony after testimony of God’s goodness through dark times. I learned that those who endure are the ones who triumph.

And I learned so much more. I’m a little sad now to know that my humanity will make it hard for me to remember what I’ve learned, but I’m thankful for God’s faithfulness in teaching me.

His love knows no measure. He is good all the time; it’s just I get mud in my eyes sometimes and fail to see it.

Thanks be to God for His unfailing love.

We have a drip-less water system. We have excellent progress on our bathroom tile. We have a washer that works. We have new and dear friends. We are unworthy, but oh, so grateful.

God bless you, Titus and Sarah and family. Beware of the refined sugar in Candy Crush!