An Opportunity for You to Help

Many of you have offered to help us with our financial needs. Thank you so much for your gifts through PayPal and via snail mail; they have blessed us.

But here is a need that is not connected to us. A friend of mine is running a GoFundMe to help his brother-in-law out of jail. Marcos lived many years in Waslala, Nicaragua. You may have heard of that location through books such as Angels Over Waslala and La Catracha.

His brother-in-law, who is a native Nicaraguan, was involved in a vehicle accident. The other person involved sustained injuries from the accident that resulted in his death. Marcos’s brother-in-law is being held in jail until $5,000 are paid; the brother-in-law is not a believer.

Marcos and his wife Karla are praying that by believers sharing to help his brother-in-law, the fellow’s heart will be softened toward God. I will include the link below. Give as the Lord leads you.

GoFundMe for Marcos Miller’s brother-in-law