Wegular Wednesday

Yesterday was a full day, but I have little tangible evidence to show for it. I did get pretty far in my automation process, but you can’t see the ones and zeroes that magically make the thing work; you’ll have to take my word for it.

It was a blessing to have the children to help with the chores so I had more time to work in the office. However, there is still plenty of training to do, so there was some time given to that. It’s so tempting to consider that wasted time, but it’s very important and useful. I enjoy the results, if not so much the process.

I was not able to practice with Rafael because he had something going and was not at the store yesterday, after all. That was a little disappointing, but I was glad to get some other stuff done.

I am happy to report no calamities befell us yesterday. I realized as I went to bed that I had been waiting all day for something to explode or break or catch on fire. The strain of the day made me pretty exhausted. Silly me.

Today Steph and Jolynn are going to visit José and René. They took Juanito and Seth along. Things are still not great in the relationship between us and José’s, but we are trying to sow seeds of kindness when we can. The ladies took freshly baked scones this morning. We are hoping José’s will come for supper this week.

I should work in the office awhile today, but I need to build some nest boxes for the chickens, put tires on the chicken tractor, and come up with a pen of some sort for the chicks–something that will keep the neighbor’s dog out. Or even better, something that will send him immediately to his end if he pokes his murderous nose at our precious pullets. I have little hope of that.

With the other boys gone, Dane is safely practicing swinging a machete in the pasture. He’s cutting down dry grass to make the pasture pretty for Grandpa Lamar. I told him he is not allowed to cut himself, so I can put my mind at ease.

School just finished for the day. I confess I woke feeling grumpy and impatient, and I struggled to reign that in during school. When your student does not understand that 88 is only 2 away from 90, but insists it is 18, it can be tough. Dealing with first and second graders is as trying on my patience as feeding a stubborn bull calf outside during a snow storm on a Sunday night in December when I am running late for the church social (Yes, that happened.). I have a lot of exercising to do on my patience muscles.

In happy news, Lamar’s had a great trip and are headed back now in their fancy, dancy new car. I am not jealous. The children are fairly apoplectic over looking forward to Lamar’s coming home. It will be a happy reunion.