Thursday: 29 August 2019

Steph and Jolynn went to visit Jose’s, but they were not home. Rene was in the hospital in Cuzco, recovering from a surgery. We’re disappointed we cannot meet with them this week, but we’re hoping we have a chance to visit them at the hospital.

On the way to visit them, Steph had to cross a foot bridge. In crossing, she lost her balance and came crashing to her her knees on the other side. Besides bruised knees and a burst of contractions, all seems to be well. She was thankful she fell at the end of the bridge and not into the ditch.

Lamar’s came home with lots of stuff and a car. They said the trip back reminded them of the badlands in the States. We were all glad to be together again. Lamar had the idea to grill chicken to use up their pent-up energy from traveling. Beulah and Juanita hadn’t realized they had pent-up energy, so it was good he knew. The charcoal was hard to get started, but it was worth it: the chicken was delicious.

I built a simple pen for the chicks. They were very happy to be out in the sun and showed their happiness by stretching their legs and wings out and falling asleep in the warmth. I left them in the pen overnight, and they survived. I’m hoping it keeps the predators at bay. I would really like to have the fence electrified, but there are no fencers in Izcuchaca.

Today I let the chickens out of their run to roam. Juanito loves it! He can go pick up hens and carry them around to his heart’s content. Apparently feathered friends are a different category from furry foes.

I’m planning to go into town to be with Rafael again today, granted he is there. I have been doing a little studying by reading since last week, and I can feel things sticking better. I still read or listen to a recording of my Bible in Spanish each morning. I believe that is helping, even without instruction.

I want to get a couple hours in on my computer project before leaving for town. Lamar offered to let me ride in his car; I feel so special. He’s going to pick up a number of things in town this afternoon and then visit Fernando, who is still recovering from his surgery. This must be the month for surgeries.

Lamar also plans to finalize an agreement for a church facility this afternoon. If that goes through, we will try to move the benches into town tomorrow or Saturday. We’re all looking forward to being in town for church.

Yesterday afternoon we had a pleasant thunderstorm that lasted a bit over an hour. That was the first significant rain we’ve had. Today, everything is still very dry; it’s hard to believe we even had rain yesterday. But this is a sign of the rainy season coming soon. The rains start coming steadily in September, we’re told.

Beulah and I are both feeling somewhat anxious about the rainy season. If it is cold and wet and cloudy every day for months, we’re not sure how we’ll make it. Our neighbors tell us the rainy season is actually pleasant, barring the lighting storms that fry equipment, people, and transformers.

The silver lining is that things will start growing! And when things grow green, my heart can endure an awful lot. So maybe rainy season won’t be that bad after all.